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The following page is dedicated to the attraction, raising and enjoyment
Purple Martins

Within the following pages, you will find all kinds of information dealing with Purple Martins. Things like how to attract them, house them and how to properly care for them. I've tried to present this information in a manner that anyone can understand so that they can enjoy this wonderful bird species should they wish to try and attract some to their homes. These purple martin pages are designed by Chuck Abare. Chuck's email address is posted on most of the pages. Write him with and questions or comments. He has put together a wealth of information on purple martins that can definitely assist you in starting a purple martin colony.

Here's a quick Overview of Purple Martins

The Purple Martin

Answers to common questions on purple martins.

What's it take to attract martins
Requirements for martins

The biological descriptions and habits.
The Martin Bio Page

More detailed descriptions of their daily habits.

The Habits Page

A bunch of tips to attract them.

Tips to Attract Them

Methods for controlling martin pests.

Purple Martin Pest Control

Links to just about anywhere to do with purple martins

My Links Page

A few purple martin myths dispelled

Martin Myths/Facts

How to do...

Nest Checks

My stand on

Learn all about Gourds and Purple Martins.

The Gourd Page

Do It Yourself...

How to get plans to build them a home.

Plans for a Gourd Rack

Plans for a Wooden House

Drawings & Pictures.
Add a T-14 to a round pole.

T-14 Mounting

More Drawings, Sketches & Pics.
The mechanics of...
Purple Martin Housing

Add Crescent SREH's to

Gourds and Houses

Rework Gourds to Make Them

Starling Resistant

Gourd SREH's

Build your own...

Sparrow Trap

Build your own...

Predator Guard


How to print my pages.

Help!!! I found a baby martin on the ground.
Feeding Baby Martins

Check out why purple martin housing should be painted white.
Thermal Testing

Read how I got started in the hobby of Purple Martins.
Read 'My Story'

New Stuff...

Check out this new invention for purple martins...
Plastic Horizontal Gourd

Actual calculations on strengths of martin poles...
Structural Martin Poles

Housing standards, both houses and gourds...
Standards for Martin Housing

Ulimate 4 Section Telescoping Pole
Description: Extends to 14 feet, push button section release, comes with ground socket and lowers to 4'10". Assembled. Flag sold separate. 10 Year Warranty.
Dimensions: Base diameter 2-7/8" Top diameter 1-7/8"
Made in the USA!


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All About Purple Martins

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