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Printing these pages

A number of folks have sent me emails saying that they are not able to print out my pages. The reason is that most folks don't understand the frames versions of their browsers enough to know what to do. Let's face it, we can't all be computer experts.

I'm adding this page to explain how to print pages from web pages that utilize frames. Since most people are now using Netscape or Internet Explorer as their browsers, I'm only going to go through the sequences for those two browsers.

My web page breaks your browser into three separate windows called "frames", or three different windows on one page. If you're reading my page and decide you want to print it and just hit print, the computer doesn't know what you want printed, frame 1, frame 2 or frame 3. Computers are dumb. They have to be told what to do. Fortunately, this is simple. What you have to do is first click in the frame that you want to print using your LEFT mouse button. If you'll notice, in Netscape, a small black outline is placed around the frame. Explorer doesn't give any notification at all. This tells the computer that you are identifying that frame source to print. Now, go up to the left top of your browser and click on the word FILE, then follow the drop down menu down and then hit PRINT. If you're using Netscape, it will say PRINT FRAME. This will open your printer page and you can then click on OK and print. Now you can print out my pages or any one elses for that matter.

For those new to computers, here's another trick.

Suppose you only want to print a small area of text without printing out the entire page. Here's a tip that will allow you to copy ANY TEXT from ANY web page you like. Simply click and hold down your left mouse button. Then, while holding it down, drag your curser on any text you want to copy. The text will turn blue. Keep dragging your curser down the page and off the bottom of the browser and you'll notice the text will raise up your browser. With practice, you can control the speed. (This happens with any page in WINDOWS).

Once you get all the text you want, release the mouse button. Now, on your keyboard, press and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then press 'C' . This is easily done with your little finger and first finger of your left hand. This will place all the text you identified into a buffer in your computer.

Now open a WORD document (or whatever word processing software you are using), and then again press 'Ctrl' and 'V'. This will place all the text onto the word document.

Now, the text is yours and you can do anything you like to it. (This is the same thing as going to EDIT and hitting COPY and PASTE, just a short cut). You can change it, print it, reword it, anything you like. This is a very easy and quick way to control blocks of text when working on a computer and is used all the time.

I hope this helps with some basic copying techniques. Now, not only can you copy purple martin or gourd print, but you can also actually do some work.

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