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The following link will take you to a short overview on Purple Martins. This overview is intended to give a new purple martin enthusiast a quick overall look at the hobby of hosting them and generally try to explain the basics about what it takes to attract them, house them, care for them and protect them. This overview utilizes information from a number of different reputable sources as well as experience and will begin to educate those that are new to the hobby in the proper methods for hosting martins.


The overview is intended to be printed out and then passed on to those that might be interested. Please feel free to print out a copy or two and then pass them along. The main thought is to "Get the word out" on purple martins, to get those that might be interested (and yes, even those that presently host them) educated enough on the subject so that they get started correctly in the hobby and to better educate the experienced to new and recent findings. With new discoveries in the last decade or two, the hobby of hosting martins has changed drastically and with a little help, the education of potentially new and experienced landlords alike can begin.


There are two different methods of copying this overview and passing it along.

It can be copied directly to a word processing document and then passed on using the e-mail system by attaching it to the e-mail.  (Newspapers will use it this way). 



Internet Explorer works best here because it keeps imbedded files and pictures as part of the text. (Netscape doesn't).


To do so,

-right click on the overview page.

-choose select all from the drop down menu.

-right click again and then choose copy.

-now, open a 'new' Word file. 

-right click again on the new file and paste the overview into the word file.

-this new Word file can now be saved as the overview and passed on to anyone that may want it.


Or it can be printed out on paper and passed on to others that may not have computers. 

To do this, 

-first, make sure your printer in on.  

-then, simply click on your browser heading File

-then select Print from the drop down menu.


Print out a bunch of copies. Then, hand out a few to friends that might be interested...

...maybe the local newspaper can run a copy in its nature section...

...maybe the guy down the road that has improper housing could use a copy...

...maybe a copy could 'accidentally' be left on a coffee table in the corner cafe' or at work...

...or in the seat pocket on a plane...

...maybe a copy could be tacked to the company bulletin board for all to read...

Who knows, maybe you know 'just the person' to hand or send a copy to...

So, with that said, on to 


  The Purple Martin Overview


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