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Music of the Spheres - Our Chimes

Music Of The Spheres

Hand-crafted, Symphonic Quality Chimes

Satisfaction Guaranteed!-- 30 day unconditional return policy

  • Six sizes spanning four octaves
  • Ten musical scales, plus the unique Westminster
  • The amazing, 14' Basso Profundo wind chime
  • Standard orchestral pitch (A 440)
  • Custom tunings available
  • Black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing
  • Adjustable activity control
  • Durability also guaranteed:
    - 7 years outdoors for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Alto
    -15 years outdoors for Tenor and Bass
    -15 years outdoors Basso Profundo

Materials & Construction

High quality materials, exacting tolerances and methodical assembly protocols ensure lasting quality and beauty.

  • Tough synthetic cordage is highly resistant to abrasion, ultra-violet degradation, rot and mildew. Central tube suspension with smoothly polished tube ends prevent cord abrasion typical of other, less labor-intensive suspension techniques.
  • Heavy gauge polished stainless steel rings provide sturdy support and enduring beauty.
  • Tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom manufactured to our exacting specifications and will never rust.
  • Our corrosion-protective finish preserves chime's appearance and increases durability in hostile environments (acid rain, salt air).
  • We cut and precisely tune each tube by hand using just intonation, except for the whole tone scale, which uses equal temperment.
  • Tubes are tuned to A440, standard orchestral pitch, using the latest in technology.
  • Solid polyethylene clappers provide superior tonal quality and outdoor durability.
  • The windcatcher, of the same finish and material as the tubes, is the ideal size, weight, and shape for optimal chime performance in 8 - 10 mph wind velocity. The corrosion protective finish provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments (acid rain, salt air, etc.)
  • The windcatcher hook assembly provides simple but effective method of varying the chime's activity level.
  • The clapper slides on the central cord up into the ring creating a convenient "off-on" feature.
  • Windcatchers can also be easily removed to subdue chime activity under blustery conditions.
  • A rigorous final inspection ensures that your chime is up to our high standards of acoustic and visual quality.

If you have an MP3 player, hear it here. Or, if you don't have an MPS player, yoou can download a .wav file here.But please note, the Basso.wav file is over 10MB. You'll need a high speed connection and a fast computer to handle this file. The resounding bass tone of these chimes is incredible, and you will need SERIOUS bass speakers to hear it well.

Alto Windchime

Bass Windchime

Basso Profundo

Now from Music of the Spheres

Shipping Note: The Basso must be crated and shipped via trucking company. The freight will vary depending on location. Recent rates have ranged from $350 to as much as $550 - freight to your location may be more or less. You will also need to have a couple of strong people to help unload this item from the truck.

When we receive your order, we will contact you to work out the shipping arrangements.

The Basso Profundo.

The Ultimate Wind Chime From
The Ultimate Wind Chime Company

The longest tube on the chime is 8.66 feet long. The chime weighs approximately 200 lbs. Suggested clearance for hanging is minimum of about 18 feet.

Mezzo Soprano
Mezzo Windchime

Soprano Windchime

Tenor Windchime

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