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Cookies and A Bird's Home

A cookie is a piece of text that can be entered into the memory of your browser. Many Internet services deliver cookies to visitors to their web sites. Cookies store information about your use of their service on your computer where it can only be retrieved by the same service at a later time. Cookies are used by Internet services to make their services much more convenient and personalized.

Because of this ability to customize according to your areas of interest, some people fear that cookies somehow invade their privacy. In many ways, a cookie provides an added level of privacy. By storing information on your own computer rather than Internet servers, you can examine the data files and see exactly which information is being recorded by the Internet service using cookies.

If you would rather not have cookies on your computer, you can usually set your browser to deny cookies. You can also delete cookie files from your computer at your discretion.

If you would like more information about cookies, you may wish to do a search on Yahoo or visit, which provides a nice explanation, too.

How A Bird's Home uses cookies

A Bird's Home uses cookies today in three ways:

1. To save you time in getting e-mail addresses from other A Bird's Home users. A Bird's Home gives you the option to use an "end-of-session" cookie that is temporarily stored in your browser when you request the e-mail address of another user. With the cookie you can avoid the repetitive task of entering your UserID and password when you want to retrieve another user's e-mail during the same browser session. NOTE: If you wish to remove this cookie from your browser at any time, simply Exit the browser, and then restart it. The cookie will be gone.

2. To tailor advertising to suit your interest. Two ad serving companies that A Bird's Home employs, Link Exchange and DoubleClick, use cookies. These cookies help these companies limit how many times they serve you the same ad. And, while they don't know who you are (A Bird's Home does not provide any information about you as an individual to advertisers) they can measure what type of ads you tend to respond to, based on the cookie. DoubleClick offers you the choice to opt-out of this feature of their service. Go to: for a simple procedure on opting out.

3. To help A Bird's Home evaluate partnerships. If you arrived at A Bird's Home from one of our many Internet traffic partners, you might have received a cookie that tells us where you came from. This helps us measure the effectiveness of our partner relationships.

As A Bird's Home applies cookies on our site, we will continue to tell you exactly what we are doing and what we plan to do with cookies and how they will be used to improve our service to you.

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