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Nest Box Design

Features of a Good Birdhouse
(also called a nest box)

Nest boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and choosing which nest box to build or buy can be overwhelming. To help you sort through your choices, The Birdhouse Network staff is offering a crash course in the anatomy of a good nest box.  Whether you plan to build a box or buy a box, your birdhouse should contain the features listed below. Use these guidelines to choose a nest box that works best for you.

Use a box that was built for the birds
Make sure that it is well constructed and made with the birds and nest-box monitoring in mind; it should be durable, easy to check, and clean. Features of a good nest box:

  • untreated wood (pine, cedar, or fir)
  • thick walls (at least 3/4 inches)
  • extended, sloped roof
  • rough or grooved interior walls
  • recessed floor
  • drainage holes
  • ventilation holes
  • easy access for monitoring and cleaning
  • sturdy construction
  • no outside perches


A Good Nest Box

Cottontail Nest Building Ball Set of Three
Description: Combination of 100% cotton and yarn tails. Comes complete and ready to hang. 2 oz.

Made in the USA!

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