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Big Sky Carvers - About Page

Dear Friend,

I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our company.

My Father and I started Big Sky Carvers with the idea of reflecting ours and our customers passions for the outdoors in the decoys that we carved.

Over two decades later, a lot has changed. Instead of a simple collection of wooden decoys, we now have over 1500 different products ranging all the way from coffee tables to Christmas ornaments.

But one thing remains unchanged -- every Big Sky Carvers product is conceptualized, designed and crafted to in some way reflect the great outdoors. Whether the whimsy and fun of the Bearfoots, or the artistic seriousness of a Masters Edition woodcarving, it is still about the fascination we have for animals and all things wild in the world around us.

Ours is still a family business, literally and figuratively. The Big Sky Carver family extends through our busy Montana Workshop, through our 50 plus designers, artists and sculptors, through our partner workshops abroad, and finally through to you and yours, who hopefully share our same curiosities and affections for animals and the outdoors.

Our sincere hope is that your life is in some small way enriched by one of our creations. Thank you again for visiting us.


Marc Pierce
Co-Founder and CEO

Twenty-one years ago, Montana was a relatively undiscovered outdoorsman's paradise. Founders Eric and Marc Pierce were raised in the Midwest, and when the opportunity arose to start a new business, they decided to pursue a dream that embraced their passions of collecting and a fascination of all things wild. The upshot, in 1980, was the founding of Big Sky Carvers.

For over a decade, ornamental decoys were Big Sky's bread and butter. Then, in 1991, they took another leap of faith with the addition of Meissenburg Designs, a collection of traditional and humorous signs for the home and lodge. Cabin Carvings, a collection of wildly popular carved bears and friends, was added in 1993, followed by the William Herrick Collection of home furnishings in 1994; Montana Bronzes (later Big Sky Sculpture) in 1995; and the Bridger Trading Company (later Big Sky Home Accents) in 1997. By 2001, the company had expanded to include a variety of designs that touch the hearts of everyone.

Each original sculpture is painstakingly handcrafted by its creator in clay or wax, at which time our mold makers take over and create a master casting from a mold. During this process, the original clay or wax sculpture is damaged and lost to the mold-making process. The master mold and subsequent castings are then made to complete the edition. The master is then destroyed and the edition is closed.

By using a special process we are able to capture the life and realism of the subject. Each piece is composed of proprietary blends of fine resins with the addition of pure pewter in some designs.

When removed from the molds, the result is a stunning and exact duplicate of the original. The beautiful finish is the result of hand-applied patinas and carefully matched to define all of the subtle detail of the artwork.

It takes years to perfect the craft of decoy carving, so each of our artists is understandably concerned that, before finishing a piece, each decoy is a carving he'll be proud to call his own. Preserved forever in timbers sawed from massive west-coast Sugar Pine, these exceptional art works retain the warm glow given them by the hands of their creators. From the intricate wing overlays to the folk art finishes, our process has been refined over two decades. We're proud to keep the tradition alive.

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