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Bird Bath Considerations 
The single most important feature in attracting birds to your backyard is the availability of clean, preferably moving, water. In fact, studies have shown you will attract 2-3x the frequency of bird visits to your backyard habitat by including water:

  • The depth of the water is important, the best variable depth is approximately 3 inches. If you are modifying a deeper bowl or fountain you can secure a screen below the water line or build up the base height by adding river rocks if you are careful to fill with smaller pebbles so birds cannot get trapped.
  • Make sure that the water is not stagnant; splashing or moving water is more appealing to the birds. Sprinklers and misters serve a dual purpose in this regard, water for your birds and your plants!
  • Hosing out the bath daily is optimum for the health of your birds, as well as a good cleaning , we sell a product specifically for this known as Bird Bath Protector .
  • In winter, consider the use of an electric de-icer so that birds have access to clean, ice-free water during this critical period. Advertised water additives such as glycerin or small amounts of antifreeze are poisonous to birds.

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