Genus III.--Strepsilas, Illiger. Turnstone

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill a little shorter than the head, rather stout, compressed, tapering, straightish, being recurvate in a slight degree; upper mandible with the dorsal line very slightly concave, the nasal groove extending to the middle, the sides beyond it sloping, the tip depressed and blunted; lower mandible with the angle short, the dorsal line ascending and slightly convex, the sides convex, the edges sharp, the tip depressed and blunted. Nostrils sub-basal, linear-oblong, pervious. Head rather small, ovate; neck of ordinary length; body rather full. Feet of moderate length, rather stout; tibia bare at the lower part, and covered with reticulated scales; tarsus roundish, with numerous broad anterior scutella; toes four, the first very small and elevated, anterior toes free to the base, distinctly margined, the inner a little shorter than the outer. Claws rather small, arched, compressed, blunted. Plumage full, soft, rather dense, and glossy. Wings long, pointed, of moderate breadth, first quill longest, inner secondaries elongated. Tail rather short, slightly rounded, of twelve moderately broad feathers.

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