Genus I.--Meleagris, Linn. Turkey.

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill rather short, moderately stout, nearly straight, broader than high at the base, somewhat compressed toward the end; upper mandible with the dorsal line sloping and straight, toward the end decurved, nasal membrane large and bare, ridge and sides rounded, edges sharp, without notch, tip thin-edged, rounded; lower mandible with the angle very long, and rather wide, the dorsal line slightly convex, the edges sharp toward the end, decurved, the tip thin-edged and obtuse. Nostrils linear, with a large horny operculum. Head bare, with a long fleshy wattle at the base of the bill; neck bare, carunculate, slightly feathered behind. Head small, oblong; neck rather long; body very full. Feet large and strong; tarsus rather long, stout, compressed, with two rows of scutella in front, and the same behind, where there is also a conical slightly recurved spur, about a third from the lower extremity; toes of moderate length, stout, scutella; first small and elevated; lateral about equal, third much longer; anterior webbed at the base. Claws of moderate length, stout, arched, somewhat compressed, obtuse. Plumage compact, glossy; feathers very broad and truncate; those of the rump elongated. Wings of moderate length, concave, much rounded, with the fourth and fifth quills longest; secondaries very long and broad. Tail rather long, very broad, much rounded, of fourteen or eighteen very broad, broadly rounded feathers. OEsophagus dilated into a very large crop; stomach transversely elliptical, extremely muscular; intestines long and wide; coeca very large, oblong.

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