Genus I.--Columba, Linn. Dove

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill straight, rather short, slender, compressed; upper mandible with the dorsal line straight at the base, convex toward the end, the nostrils linear, oblique, covered with a fleshy bare membrane, the edges sharp toward the end, with a distinct notch, the tip narrow, sharp-edged, rounded; lower mandible with the angle long and pointed, the sides erect, the base sloping outwards toward the end, the edges sharp, the tip narrow, but blunt. Head small, oblong, compressed; neck of moderate length; body full. Feet short, strong; tarsus very short, roundish, with a single row of scutella above, and two anterior rows of large hexagonal scales; toes beneath rather slender, broad and flat beneath, marginate, with large scutella; hind toe smallest, lateral about equal. Claws of moderate size, arched, compressed, acute. Plumage rather compact above, blended beneath; wings long, pointed, the second and third quills longest. Tail of moderate length, rounded, of twelve broad rounded feathers.

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