Genus I.--Lanius, Linn. Shrike, or Butcher-bird

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill of moderate length, strong, compressed; upper mandible with the dorsal line a little arched, towards the end decurved, the sides convex, the edges direct, with a large prominence succeeded by a deep notch, the tip decurved and acute; lower mandible with the angle short and wide, the dorsal line convex, the sides convex, the edges inflected, the tip ascending, acute. Nostrils basal, lateral, oval, concealed by the bristly feathers. Head large, broadly ovate; neck short; body robust. Tarsus rather short, compressed, slender, with eight scutella; toes small, the first stout, the lateral nearly equal. Claws rather large, arched, compressed, extremely acute. Plumage soft and blended. Bristles stiff. Wings of ordinary length, first quill very short, fourth longest. Tail long, graduated, or rounded.

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