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Roosting Houses

You will hear quite a few terms referring to bird houses including nesting box and roosting box. The differences are quite simple actually, a roosting box is used to provide shelter primarily, whereas bird houses and nesting boxes are designed for birds to rear their young. Please note that a roosting box and a bird house can be used somewhat interchangeably depending upon the type of birds you are hosting.

For example a bird house that is occupied in the spring by a nesting pair may actually be used as a shelter by various birds throughout the winter. Conversely, a roosting box which serves primarily as a winter shelter for birds may very well be adapted as a bird house in the spring for a pair of nesting birds.

 The Roosting House is designed to serve as a protective location for birds of many species to stay during inclimate weather. This could be during the winter, a bad rain storm or excessive wind. Roost houses have been used for many years by hobbyist who are trying to help local birds get through rough weather. Our houses will  provide short term protection so they can "weather the storm".

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