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A Birder's Resources is the place to come for answers about attracting wild birds to your yard!

All the photo are from our home. We have spent 17 years developing an environment that draws all kind of birds and wildlife.

The stream at the bottom of our property draws many birds including, Catbirds, Blackbirds, Wrens, Cardinals, Wood Ducks, Turkey and Heron. Design and install a Lily Pond .

A natural heavy growth area with water is a perfect site for nesting.

The friendly cat birds are easily attracted by providing them good cover. Cat birds have nested in the same spot for 12 years now. A big Forsythia and a Wisteria prove to be the right mix.

* Feeding Wild Birds

[Rose Breasted Grosbeak]

*Identifying Wild Birds

[White Breasted Nuthatch]

*Identifying Wild Birds

[White Breasted Nuthatch]

* Attracting Wild Birds

[Mourning Dove]

* Watching Wild Birds

[Black Capped Chickadee]

* Protecting Wild Birds


* Plants to Attract Birds

[Proper habitat invites wildlife]

* Photographing Birds

* Pests


* Wild Bird Links

[Downy Woodpecker]

* Our Nature Store

[Wood Duck]

* Your Favorite Birds


* APlant's Home (Opening Soon)

[Water attract wildlife]

* Attracting Butterflies

Attracting Butterflies

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