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Architectural Bird Houses, Bat Houses & Bird Feeders

Architectshave always loved designing bird houses and bird feeders of distinction as a hobby. What makes these bird housesand bird feeders stand out in the garden as classics,is the attention to detail. All of these birdhouses are hand crafted by the designer keeping an eye on quality. These bird houses and bird feeders will last for generations and provide much enjoyment to the owner and friends.

These bird houses and bird feeders are true fine pieces of outdoor garden furniture. They will last for generations!


Highly detailed
Handmade moldings and trim
Constructed with swamp cypress and red cedar
Wood primed and sealed with 100% latex acrylic paint
Finish is mildew resistant severe weather acrylic paint
Ample ventilation openings
Removeable bottom for easy maintenance
Symmetrical design for variable display
Mounting instructions included
Information on cavity nesting birds

Assembled by hand in America

Heartwood Lauren Gail Birdhouse
The songbird's beautiful melodies deserve a great stage: Solid copper ivy leaf perch, for example. Perfect for serenades, full throated concerts and bird-to-bird conference calls--and perfectly positioned on this twelve-sided beauty made from 3/4" thick solid cypress with 24 oz. solid copper roof and hanging loop. Excellent ventilation and drainage; roof removes for easy cleaning. Just the right note for your birding delight!
Dimensions: 12" x 25" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Olde Tyme Chapel Birdhouse
Here, Gothic Revival design is carried through, chapter and verse--arched doors and shutters in rustic red, tall columns and steeple, all finished in antique crackle. The result is inspired...In fact, it inspires some people to purchase two--one for indoors and one for their flock!
Dimensions: 8" x 10" x 31" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Deer Hunter

This special birdhouse is for the hunter in your life. Deer Hunter Hal is holding a prize buck in one arm and his lucky gun in his hand. It's that buck he has been dreaming about forever!

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Farmer

Farmer John is on his tractor and ready to head out to the fields. With his ball cap on and a big smile on his face, he is ready to harvest his crop!

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

The Estate Bird Feeder
Shipping on this item is $175.00

Heartwood The Barrington Birdhouse
George and Martha Washington had Mount Vernon, Andrew and Rachel Jackson had the Hermitage, the Vanderbilts had the Biltmore. In that same tradition of greatness, we present The Barrington, a spectacular home for your birds. Two feet in diameter and more than 6' tall, with 16 spacious compartments, The Barrington combines breathtaking beauty with meticulous craftsmanship. Sixteen ounces of church steeple copper has been hand-soldered to seam the stunning roof, which can be topped by a simple copper spine or a fully working weathervane customized with one of more than 20 figures. Modular construction allows the home to be shipped UPS or FedEx in four boxes and assembled using only a screwdriver in 15 minutes or less. All screws along with simple assembly and mounting instructions are included. The Barrington is easily mounted over a 4' x 4' ground mounted post.
Dimensions: 24" diameter, 6' 6" tall
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Gardener

Garden Gal Ginger is all set to do some planting! She has a packet of seeds in one hand and her hand shovel in the other one. This one is perfect for those people that love their gardens. By special request this is also available in the Garden Guy.

This one measures approximately 15" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Recycled White Gazebell w/Spun Buffed Copper Top
Description: 5/8" Poly-lumber made from recycled plastic and milk jugs, lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade, stainless steel screws, hand spun copper top with lacquered finish. Removable stainless steel screen w/copper base dispenses shelled peanuts or sunflower seeds. Turn the stainless steel screen to remove and fill.
Dimensions: 16" L x 16 "W x 32" H
Made in the USA!Recycled

Heartwood Gatehouse Birdhouse
We like going the extra mile, as you see here in the extra detail: beaded edge drop siding in select cypress, milled to scale, another Heartwood exclusive. Full copper trim and roof cap crown this glory, while copper clean-out door, excellent ventilation and drainage make for long-lasting delight.
Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 15" - 1-3/8" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Hockey Player

This hockey player has had a rough game. He is having problems with his swollen and stitched up eye and he lost a couple of teeth also! Hockey Puck Paul is an inspiration to all those hockey fans out there with his determination to stay in the game!

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Hunter with Black Lab

Hunter Dan is all set for the day. He has his black lab with him and his shotgun and he is ready for hunting season! With his lab, Lucky beside him, they are sure to bring home some birds tonight!

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Large Spirit

MOST POPULAR! Whether you think of him as Father Time or Old Man Wind, he reminds everyone of the Wood Spirits of old. He carries a walking stick with a ball on top of it. Some may think he is ready to bring a little magic to your garden! Whatever the case, he is sure to delight you with his whimsical look!

He measures approximately 21" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Leprechaun

Think Irish! This impish leprechaun is sure to bring a smile to your face with his little smirk-ish grin! He is holding a lucky shamrock in one hand and smoking his pipe in the other. Maybe he will whisper in your ear and let you know where his pot 'o gold is ... just for a wee bit of luck.

He measures approximately 17" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Mr. Fix It

This guy is all set to put the last nail in the birdhouse he is making and oh no ... oouuch ... he hit his thumb with the hammer! It'll be better soon! Look at the great birdhouse he made! This one is perfect for the man in your life who likes to work with wood.

He measures approximately 18" long x 9"wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Jennie Lynn Birdhouse
With a name inspired by the famous human songbird, this graceful octagonal beauty in white or mahogany puts elegance center stage with a turned finial, brass top ring and spun solid copper roof. Roof removes as easily as a lampshade for effortless cleaning. Get settled in--concerts are about to begin.
Dimensions: 9"x 23" - 1-3/8" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Uncle Sam

This one is special to us. Monte created Uncle Sam shortly after the 9-11 attack on our country as a tribute to all those who lost their lives. We will always remember! Uncle Sam proudly holds the American flag in one hand. God Bless the U.S.A!!!

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Mountain Man

This is for the rugged outdoor person! Trapper John has been in the woods for a long time now, tracking bear or whatever else may come along the way. He is sure to delight you with his raccoon skin cap and his axe in one hand and a bear trap in the other.

He measures approximately 19" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Country Wildwood Church Birdhouse
Pristine A-line design, cedar shingle roof topped by copper ridge piece and solid copper steeple. You can't offer your flock a more charming sanctuary, and that's the gospel truth! Bottom is removable for blessedly east cleaning.
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 17-1/2" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Small Spirit

This small spirit has his mouth open wide and is ready to sing out to the wo rld --- ooooh, he better speak quick because there is a wren ready to swoosh in and make his nest! He may be smaller, but he can keep up with the big boys when it comes to nesting capabilities! He is a delight and looks perfect peeking out from a tree!

He measures approximately 14" long x 7" wide and 6" deep.

Heartwood Fifth Avenue Birdhouse
If you've ever examined the outstretched wing of a bird, you know Nature doesn't skimp on luxurious detail. We haven't either in this stylish six-sided beauty. Rich crackle finish and six-sided copper roof with elegant twirled rope edge. Uptown birding at its best! Available in Khaki crackle, French mustard crackle, Rosewood crackle, White with a verdigris roof or Solid Mahogany!
Dimensions: 10" x 16" with 1 3/8" hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Flutterbye Butterfly House
Winged victory: A triumph of design and decoration, the Flutterbye offers suitably stylish companionship for our Gatehouse bird home. Solid copper hipped roof tops the select cypress siding dressed with authentic corner boards, slotted front and copper butterfly adornments. Copper covered cleanout, and mounting state attached.
Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 15"
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Grandma

We all have special memories in our hearts of our Grandma's. Our Grandma is holding an apple in one hand and her own apple pie recipe in the other. She is a dear! Can't you just smell that apple pie right now? . By special request, this can also be a teacher. In place of the recipe, she is holding a report card.

She measures approximately 17" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Hadley Park Birdhouse
Go ahead: throw your birding a few curves--here joined with brilliant color and the beautifully rich texture of a high-contrast crackle finish. The hand-burnished copper roof shimmers; the butterfly hanging look charms. The shape of birding to come!
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 15" - 1-3/8" hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Highland Park Birdhouse
Send out the top brass to welcome your birds. Everything about this octagonal beauty is first class, including brass applique supplying the brilliant finishing touch. It's official--birds can't help but like a shine to Highland Park!
Dimensions: 6" diameter x 14" - 1-1/4" hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Homestead Birdhouse
Americans have been in love with birds since our earliest days, and here is a classic home style with loads of historic appeal. Exclusive Heartwood siding assembled with bronze-plated screws, copper hipped roof with twirled rope edging, and ahanging loop graced by a copper butterfly. New frontiers in birding!
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 16" - 1-3/8" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Sea Captain

You may think of him as Tugboat Tom or Sailboat Sam, but to us he is Old Salty. He is reminiscent of the old time Sea Captains, recently come to shore after long months at sea. With his jaunty cap and his pipe in hand, he is sure to bring out the nautical side of you.

He measures approximately 17" long x 9" deep and 7" wide.

Gnome Birdhouse - Wine Taster

For the wine drinker in your life, Wine Taster Walter is the perfect gift.   He has a certain flair to him and you can tell --- he is enjoying his fine glass of wine! 

He measures approximately 15" long and 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Lantern Loft Birdhouse
Frank Lloyd Wright meets John James Audubon in a home that blends high style with great functionality. Hand-burnished copper roof and powder coated loop bail adds geometric flair to solid mahogany durability and beauty. Form follows function, followed by season upon season of birding wonder.
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 16" - 1-3/8" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Beer Meister

BeerMeister Bob is ready to sit down and relax with his mug of beer in his hand! Ummmmmm so cold and refreshing sure hits the spot after a long day at work. By special request, you can change the beer mug to a cup of coffee.

He measures approximately 15" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Mahogany Chateau Birdhouse
To add a little mountain's majesty to your backyard, alpine is the answer, especially with this gorgeous chateau sporting European lines, a solid copper roof and convenient cleanout door. Birding at its peak.
Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 19" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Gambler

Casino Joe is holding his chips in one hand and his cards in the other. He is ready to place his bet. Aces high for sure! Whether you like to play blackjack, poker or the slots ... this one is for you!

He measures approximately 17" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Oct-Avian Birdhouse
How much will you and your birds love this home? Let us count the ways: 8 sides, 2 compartments, 365 days of beauty. Bright white body topped by solid copper ridged roof and solid brass finial. Roof removes as easily as a lampshade for simple cleaning; mounting bracket and screws included for easy post mounting.
Dimensions: 19" x 11" - 1 1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Canoe-ist

This guy is all set to go white river rafting! With paddle in hand and his backpack in his canoe --- he is ready to conquer whatever the waters hold before him!

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood Pacific Pointe Birdhouse
The flight of a bird always inspires us to greater heights, here to a spun copper roof that rises magnificently (and comes off for easy cleaning!) Stately hexagonal nest box of solid cypress anchors the creation with style. Mounting bracket and screws included; birding delight to come.
Dimensions: 12" x 26" with 1 " hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Plymouth Birdhouse
Your pilgrims will find a welcome sanctuary in this lovely church, clad in clapboard siding and topped with a gleaming copper steeple. Post pocket mounting requires only a Heartwood post, or any 4 x 4. Beauty and convenience-amen to that!
Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 34" with 1 " hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Rusty Rooster Birdhouse
From a distance, it's a beauty; up close, it's an architectural marvel, one gorgeous detail on top of another; meticulously crafted drop siding with corner boards, ridged copper roof, cupola topped with solid copper roof and "Rusty Rooster" finial. Truly, a home to crow about! Mounting bracket and scres included for easy post mounting.
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 20" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Sleepy Hollow Birdhouse
Once upon a time, a family of birds fell in love with their storybook home. You know how it ends, of course-happily ever after, with these fully functional yet delightfully whimsical homes. And oh, the tales you'll tell! Copper roof with your choice of verdigris critter and coordinating front adornment.
Dimensions: 8" x 9" x 19" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Football Player

This football player is for the die-hard Green Bay Packer fan. He is dressed out with the team colors green and gold and is sporting a "Cheesehead" proudly. This particular birdhouse can also be done for the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. If you have a particular team in mind, whether it is NFL or college, give us a call and we can do a special order for you.

He measures approximately 17" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Heartwood The Ivy House Birdhouse
"I hope you love birds, too," great American poet Emily Dickinson once said. "It is economical. It saves going to heaven." Emily would have loved the little piece of heaven that is The Ivy House. Spun copper roof topped with a wooden finial; solid cypress body painted cheerful bright white, or you can get it in solid mahogany, with a hand-made copper climbing ivy vine for a perch that will yield happy new verses in bird song. Roof removes for easy cleanout. Mounting bracket and screws included--poetic license comes with repeated bird viewing!
Dimensions: 10" x 20" - 1-1/2" hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Valerie Ann Birdhouse
An address of distinction: A four-square masterpiece with finial-topped solid copper French roof and post pocket mount. Brackets attached; joy included!
Dimensions: 11" x 27" with 1 " hole
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Victorian Bat House
Forget the myth: bats aren't blind; they enjoy the use of all five senses. Another sense--the sense of style, both the bats and yours--will be delighted by this Victorian gem. Horizontal siding on the front panel provides a strategic counterpoint to steeply pitched hand-shingled cypress roof with copper trim. Divided living quarters and a landing pad at the base make this house as functional as it is beautiful. Ready to mount on a pole, building or tree.
Dimensions: 6" x 15" x 30"
Made in the USA!

Heartwood Victorian Mansion Birdhouse
They searched high and low for their dream house ever since they met in the branches of a maple tree. Yet nothing seemed suitable. Then, on a fly-over, the dramatic four-valley solid copper roof, or brown copper roof, or green metal roof caught their attention. Eye level, it was love at first sight. And how could it not be, with this kind of craftsmanship? Reverse board and batten vertical siding with side modules of beveled horizontal siding and eyebrow gables. The neighbors are wonderful--8 compartments in all. You'll love the easy cleaning thanks to removable roof.
Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 27" - 2-1/4" hole
Made in the USA!

Gnome Birdhouse - Golfer

Sandtrap Sal is perfect for the golfer in your life! Sadly, though, he has had a bad day on the courses --- and broke his golf club in half! Oh well ... gotta love the game ... he'll be back at it tomorrow! Can you just see that hole in one now???

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

Gnome Birdhouse - Fisherman

This fisherman just caught the musky he has been dreaming about! You know how those big ones always get aw ay --- well this one didn't and he can prove it! Musky Mike is holding his prize fish up for everyone to see! Upon special request, you can get a catfish in place of the musky.

He measures approximately 18" long x 9" wide and 7" deep.

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