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EZ Clean Feature of Estate Birdhouses

The EZ-Clean Feature

The roofs of all Estate Birdhouses are easily removable by unscrewing the thumbscrews under the roof eaves. There are two thumbscrews holding the roof on the Small Estate Birdhouse and the Premier Estate Birdhouse and three thumbscrews holding the roof on the Large Estate Birdhouse. Once loosened the roofs lift off easily.

Note that there are guide arrows on both the roof and the body of the birdhouse to index the position of the roof when being replaced.

These two photos of the Small Estate Birdhouse show the grooves that index the nest dividers.

The Premier Estate Birdhouse also has indexing slots to guide the nest dividers, but has three levels instead of two levels of nests.

The Large Estate Birdhouse below has fitted level dividers that are marked on the inside of the body with black arrows to index the three levels of nest dividers.

Notice also, in the right hand photo, the arrow on the top edge of the body of the birdhouse which coresponds to an arrow on the bottom of the roof to index the roof and the body when reassembling the birdhouse.

Large EZ-CLEAN Estate Birdhouse disassembled

Note arrows used to index body and roof

We strongly recommend placing Estate Birdhouses on an EZ-Clean tilting Post. Particularly for the Large Estate Birdhouse which weighs 52 pounds and even for the 26 pound Premier Estate Birdhouse. Not having to use a ladder to do an annual cleaning as well as not risking dropping the roof or the whole birdhouse just makes sense.

The small Estate Birdhouse weighing only 16 pounds can be handled while on a ladder but it's considerably easier and safer to use the EZ-Clean tilting Post.

The Estate Bird Feeder
Shipping on this item is $175.00

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