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Yellow Lady Slipper

Yellow Lady Slipper

The American Indians called this plant "kwa-ko-ri-en ra-o-ta", meaning mocassin. The rhizome is found in native pharmacology for its stimulating effect on the nervous system. The flower is fragrant with a brilliant yellow pouch and dark-brown, twisted petals.

Cypripedium species normally bloom after their 5th or 6th year (cycle) of growth. Mature plants have already bloomed or are of blooming size. Showy Indeed! It's a beauty and one of our favorites. It will be yours too!!

USDA Growing Zones
Recommended optimal USDA zones are 3 to 6. Plants may be grown in zone 2 with extra winter mulching protection and zone 7 if the ground is kept cool and moist with adequate shading.

Soil/Media/Growing Requirements
Requires a neutral pH soil/media. They require 2 to 3 hours direct early morning or late afternoon sun and be in dappled shade/sun the remainder of the day. They detail what we have found to work well for us with the Cypripedium parviflorum and we have grown thousands! These plants are found in nature in open well drained areas, along roadsides and in open fields, and in cultivation do well in open gardens with well-drained soil. Some protection from direct sun is beneficial in the warmer climates.

Our Plants .... Are 100% laboratory propagated from seed!

Cypripedium parviflorum as a species has a multi-eyebud growth habit by nature. Therefore, many of our plants are often multi-eyebud plants for which we do not charge extra. We, however, cannot guarantee multi-eyebud plants as we instead grade them by rhizome size and quality and not by number of eyebuds.