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Fine Art Prints

As one of America's earliest wildlife art publishers, we at Wild Wings remember a time when wildlife art was all but unavailable. Today, thanks to the interest of collectors and the talents of our artists, the demand for nature art has never been greater. To meet this growing and diversifying interest, we rely heavily on the skills of a whole new generation of artists. The term, REMARQUE refers to a small original sketch in the margin of an art print by the artist. Remarques may be executed in pencil or color depending on the artist. The term, ARTIST PROOF (AP's) are prints traditionally intended for the artist's personal use. It is common practice to reserve approximately 10% of an edition for AP's. We also learned a long time ago that it takes one kind of artist to paint a picture and another kind to frame it. With over 30 years of experience in custom framing we still frame the old fashioned way - one at a time. Our materials include the finest in hardwood mouldings, pH neutral mats and flawless glass. All framed prints are shipped in specially designed cartons and delivered to your door ready to hang for your enjoyment. Please allow extra time for the framing of your prints.

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