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Tom Hedderich Pricing Info

Here is some general information concerning procedures and prices.

Each request for artwork is unique, and therefore it is impossible for me to accept a
project without speaking to you personally concerning these details.

Prices shown are estimates pending discussion of specific artwork.

For Caricature-Portraits, I work from one good, clear, recent photo of the subject
with the face itself being at least one inch tall. If you include additional photos,
you must specify the one from which I should work to render the face.
It should be a photo that truly captures the person's look and personality.
If you are happy with the photo, you will be happy with the portrait.

A photo that requires major revisions would not be suitable. Adding or removing
a large amount of weight, age, hair, beard, mustache, eyeglasses, hats, etc.
would jeopardize achieving a good likeness.

The details of the face in the photo should be crisp and clear. Simply enlarging a
blurry photo doesn't make it more clear, it just makes a larger blurry photo!

Along with the photo you would supply the person's eye and hair color and a list of
jobs, hobbies, habits, memorable events, etc. to put into the background.
Reference material for anything specific (logos, pets, family members, homes,
mementos, cars, etc.) must be supplied.
You may specify the picture's overall layout or leave it up to me.

Price: $100 for one person in the picture, $50 for each additional person
(small, quickly-rendered people or pets in the background no extra charge)

For formal portraits, portraits of homes or pets or custom watercolors,
once again, the photo is very important.
It must be fairly large and the details clear.

Prices: Starting at $150 for a pastel or watercolor formal portrait or pet portrait,
and $200 for a house portrait or a custom watercolor from your photograph.
The unframed size is 9"x12". Upon speaking with you, other sizes and
all other details that could alter the price will be discussed.

To "complete the package" I offer matting and framing at very reasonable prices.

Once all the required information is received, allow approx. 3-4 weeks for delivery.
All photos and reference material will be returned.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and any of your artwork needs.
845-726-3406 or

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