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Butterflies of North America

Crescent Metalmark (Apodemia phyciodoides)
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Crescent Metalmark (Apodemia phyciocoides Barnes & Benjamin)

Wing span: Not reported.

Identification: Upperside checkered with orange and brown. Underside orange with wide white bands.

Life history: Not reported.

Flight: Several flights in Mexico from April-September.

Caterpillar hosts: Not reported.

Adult food: Nectar from flowers of Eriogonum abertianum and Aloysia species.

Habitat: Near cottonwood-willow woodlands.

Range: Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico north to the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona.

Conservation: Extirpated in the United States. Original report may have been erroneous.

The Nature Conservancy Global Rank: G1 - Critically imperiled globally because of extreme rarity (5 or fewer occurrences, or very few remaining individuals), or because of some factor of its biology making it especially vulnerable to extinction. (Critically endangered throughout its range).

Management needs: None reported.


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Author: Jane M. Struttmann

Crescent Metalmark (Apodemia phyciodoides)
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