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Thumbnails - Butterflies of North America

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Butterflies of North America

Photo Thumbnails

Skippers (Family Hesperiidae): (Page 5)

Select the link below a thumbnail photo to view the full picture, North American distribution map, and textual description for that species. If a photo has more than one link below it, the photo corresponds to more than one distribution map.

JPG -- Thumbnail
Afranius Duskywing

Erynnis afranius

JPG -- Thumbnail
Persius Duskywing

Erynnis persius

JPG -- Thumbnail
Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus centaureae

JPG -- Thumbnail
Two-banded Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus ruralis

JPG -- Thumbnail
Mountain Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus xanthus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Small Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus scriptura

JPG -- Thumbnail
Common Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus communis

JPG -- Thumbnail
White Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus albescens

JPG -- Thumbnail
Tropical Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus oileus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Desert Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus philetas

JPG -- Thumbnail
Erichson's White-Skipper

Heliopetes domicella

JPG -- Thumbnail
Northern White-Skipper

Heliopetes ericetorum

JPG -- Thumbnail
Laviana White-Skipper

Heliopetes laviana

JPG -- Thumbnail
Turk's-cap White-Skipper

Heliopetes macaira

JPG -- Thumbnail
Veined White-Skipper

Heliopetes arsalte

JPG -- Thumbnail
Common Streaky-Skipper

Celotes nessus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Common Sootywing

Pholisora catullus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Mexican Sootywing

Pholisora mejicana

JPG -- Thumbnail
Mohave Sootywing

Hesperopsis libya

JPG -- Thumbnail
Saltbush Sootywing

Hesperopsis alpheus

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