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Thumbnails - Butterflies of North America

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Butterflies of North America

Photo Thumbnails

Gossamer-wing Butterflies (Family Lycaenidae): (Page 6)

Select the link below a thumbnail photo to view the full picture, North American distribution map, and textual description for that species. If a photo has more than one link below it, the photo corresponds to more than one distribution map.

JPG -- Thumbnail
Eastern Tailed-Blue

Everes comyntas

JPG -- Thumbnail
Western Tailed-Blue

Everes amyntula

JPG -- Thumbnail
Spring Azure

Celastrina "ladon"

JPG -- Thumbnail
Summer Azure

Celastrina neglecta

JPG -- Thumbnail
Atlantic Holly Azure

Celastrina idella

JPG -- Thumbnail
Hops Azure

Celastrina humulus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Appalachian Azure

Celastrina neglecta-major

JPG -- Thumbnail
Dusky Azure

Celastrina nigra

JPG -- Thumbnail
Sonoran Blue

Philotes sonorensis

JPG -- Thumbnail
Western Square-dotted Blue

Euphilotes battoides

JPG -- Thumbnail
Bernardino Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes bernardino

JPG -- Thumbnail
Ellis' Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes ellisi

JPG -- Thumbnail
Pacific Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes enoptes

JPG -- Thumbnail
Mojave Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes mojave

JPG -- Thumbnail
Rocky Mountain Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes ancilla

JPG -- Thumbnail
Pallid Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes pallescens

JPG -- Thumbnail
Rita Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes rita

JPG -- Thumbnail
Spalding's Dotted-Blue

Euphilotes spaldingi

JPG -- Thumbnail
Small Dotted-Blue

Philotiella speciosa

JPG -- Thumbnail
Arrowhead Blue

Glaucopsyche piasus

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