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Thumbnails - Butterflies of North America

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Butterflies of North America

Photo Thumbnails

Gossamer-wing Butterflies (Family Lycaenidae): (Page 2)

Select the link below a thumbnail photo to view the full picture, North American distribution map, and textual description for that species. If a photo has more than one link below it, the photo corresponds to more than one distribution map.

JPG -- Thumbnail
Great Purple Hairstreak

Atlides halesus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Creamy Stripe-streak

Arawacus jada

JPG -- Thumbnail
Gold-bordered Hairstreak

Rekoa palegon

JPG -- Thumbnail
Marius Hairstreak

Rekoa marius

JPG -- Thumbnail
Black Hairstreak

Ocaria ocrisia

JPG -- Thumbnail
Telea Hairstreak

Chlorostrymon telea

JPG -- Thumbnail
Silver-banded Hairstreak

Chlorostrymon simaethis

JPG -- Thumbnail
Soapberry Hairstreak

Phaeostrymon alcestis

JPG -- Thumbnail
Coral Hairstreak

Satyrium titus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Behr's Hairstreak

Satyrium behrii

JPG -- Thumbnail
Sooty Hairstreak

Satyrium fuliginosum

JPG -- Thumbnail
Acadian Hairstreak

Satyrium acadica

JPG -- Thumbnail
California Hairstreak

Satyrium californica

JPG -- Thumbnail
Sylvan Hairstreak

Satyrium sylvinus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Edwards' Hairstreak

Satyrium edwardsii

JPG -- Thumbnail
Banded Hairstreak

Satyrium calanus

JPG -- Thumbnail
Hickory Hairstreak

Satyrium caryaevorum

JPG -- Thumbnail
King's Hairstreak

Satyrium kingi

JPG -- Thumbnail
Striped Hairstreak

Satyrium liparops

JPG -- Thumbnail
Gold-hunter's Hairstreak

Satyrium auretorum

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