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Pumice Dotted-Blue (Philotiella leona)

Pumice Dotted-Blue (Philotiella leona [Hammon and McCorkle])

Wing span: 3/4 - 1 inch (1.9 - 2.5 cm).

Identification: Tiny. Upperside of male dark dusky blue on basal half, >outer portions black; female is black with a brown cast. Underside white >with large spots on forewing, small spots on hindwing.

Life history: Probably very similar to that of the Small Dotted-blue.

Flight: One flight from mid-June to early July.

Caterpillar host: Eriogonum spergulinum in the buckwheat family >(Polygonaceae).

Adult food: Flower nectar, observed to be from flowers of Epilobium.

Habitat: Ash fields with low scrubby vegetation and open areas of ash.

Range: Klamath County, Oregon.

Conservation: All populations should be conserved and monitored.

The Nature Conservancy Global Rank: G1 -

Management needs: Determine effects of exotic plants and fire on extant populations.


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Author: Paul A. Opler

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Pumice Dotted-Blue (Philotiella leona)
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