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California Crescent (Phyciodes orseis)
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California Crescent (Phyciodes orseis [W. H. Edwards])

Wing span: 1 1/4 - 1 5/8 inches (3.2 - 4.2 cm).

Identification: Upperside is dark brown with orange-brown markings in distinct bands. Underside is yellow-orange with scattered reddish brown markings.

Life history: Males perch along creeks and in valleys to find females. Eggs are laid in large batches under host plant leaves, which the caterpillars eat. Third-stage caterpillars hibernate.

Flight: One brood from May-June.

Caterpillar hosts: Thistles (Cirsium species) in the sunflower family.

Adult food: Flower nectar.

Habitat: Mountain valleys, meadows, stream canyons.

Range: Southern Oregon south along the Pacific coast to San Francisco; northern and central Sierra Nevada; western Nevada.

Conservation: Possibly extirpated in California coast ranges; species should be monitored wherever it occurs.

The Nature Conservancy Global Rank: G3 - Very rare or local throughout its range or found locally in a restricted range (21 to 100 occurrences). (Threatened throughout its range).

Management needs: Maintain habitat integrity, host plant colonies, and nectar sources.


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Author: Jane M. Struttmann

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California Crescent (Phyciodes orseis)
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