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Harford's Sulphur (Colias harfordii)
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Harford's Sulphur (Colias harfordii Hy. Edwards)

Wing span: 1 3/4 - 2 inches (4.4 - 5.1 cm).

Identification: Upper surface of male a rich yellow, wing bases not darkened. Cell spot in front wing is medium-sized and black, often with a white center. Forewing border wide, hindwing border narrower. Cell spot in hindwing not noticeable. Female resembles male but border less well-defined, in some cases reduced or lacking.

Life history: Males patrol open areas to find receptive females. Eggs are laid singly on the underside of host plant leaves; caterpillars eat leaves. Larvae hibernate.

Flight: Two flights from February-May and from June-August.

Caterpillar hosts: Rattleweed (Astragalus douglasii) in the pea family (Fabaceae).

Adult food: Flower nectar from thistles and mints.

Habitat: Open chaparral and woodland clearings.

Range: Southern California coastal ranges and canyons from Kern County south to San Diego County.

Conservation: Not usually required.

Management needs: Not reported.

The Nature Conservancy Global Rank: G5 - Demonstrably secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.


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Harford's Sulphur (Colias harfordii)
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