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Soapberry Hairstreak (Phaeostrymon alcestis)
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Soapberry Hairstreak (Phaeostrymon alcestis [W. H. Edwards])

Wing span: 1 - 1 1/2 inches (2.5 - 3.8 cm).

Identification: Upperside plain deep brown. Underside of both wings have cells with narrow white bars outlined in black. Postmedian band white, bold, and jagged.

Life history: Males patrol for females around the canopy. Females lay eggs singly on host plant twigs. Eggs overwinter and hatch in spring; caterpillars feed on leaves.

Flight: One flight from April-July.

Caterpillar hosts: Western soapberry (Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii).

Adult food: Flower nectar.

Habitat: Desert foothill canyons, prairie valleys, hedgerows, woodlands, roadsides.

Range: Northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona east to Kansas, south to Texas.

Conservation: Not usually required.

The Nature Conservancy Global Rank: G4 - Apparently secure globally, though it might be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.

Management needs: None reported.


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Author: Jane M. Struttmann

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Soapberry Hairstreak (Phaeostrymon alcestis)
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