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Perky Pet Brand

Since 1958, Perky-Pet Products Co. has been recognized as a producer of fine wild bird feeders and accessories for the wild bird enthusiast. Located in Denver at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Perky-Pet's products are being used to feed wild birds around the world.

With a team of over 100 people, Perky-Pet incorporates the latest in injection molding and other manufacturing technologies to make products durable, affordable and easy to use. Quality is built in to every product by starting with the very best in raw materials. These materials are then carefully crafted into parts that receive the highest level of quality control. Nothing goes to waste either, all materials are utilized to their fullest extent. Once assembled, the feeders are then packaged into the attractive and space efficient display boxes.

Recognizing the need for wild bird education and habitat preservation, Perky-Pet is an active supporter of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute, National Bird Feeding Society, World Series of Birding, Cornell Lab of Ornithology , Annual Hummingbird Festival, and other wild bird organizations and activities. Through these organizations and individual wild bird enthusiasts, Perky-Pet has created a vast data bank of knowledge and expertise in wild bird care and feeding. All Perky-Pet products reflect this information in both their design and wild bird acceptance.

As we move closer to the next millenium, Perky-Pet remains dedicated to providing the very best in wild bird products and services.


Perky Pet Brand - Hummingbird Feeder Pinch Waist 210P
8-ounce capacity; bee guards; without  perches. $11.49

Perky Pet Brand Hummingbird Feeder 8oz Glass 203-C
8-ounce capacity; bee guards; without  perches. $11.49

Perky Pet Brand Hummingbird Feeder Our Best P209
"Our Best"
Perky Pet's "best" feeder, hardened glass bottle, shatter proof, 30-ounce. $17.95

Perky Pet Brand Hummingbird Feeders Planter 215
Planter Feeder
Perfect for planter boxes or hanging baskets. $5.95

Perky Pet Brand Window Hummingbird Feeder
Easy to clean wide-mouth design Attaches to window, wall or post for an exciting way to watch hummingbirds feed. 8 oz. capacity, 2 feeding stations & perches.

Perky Pet's Hummingbird Feeder 8oz Glass 203-CP
8-ounce capacity; bee guards; 4-way perch. $12.49

Perky Pets Brand Hummingbird Feeders Grand Master 220
"Grand Master"
48-ounce capacity; 6 feeding flowers and perches. $24.95

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