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Loon Lake Decoy Company Mini Decoys

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All Ducks are Life-Size

Click on image to see larger picture.

Minature Ring Necked Pheasant
The gaudy Ring-neck is known for his beautiful colors and long tail. An immigrant from SE Asia, the colorful Ring-neck Pheasant now calls many of America's uplands home. Mounted on an 8" diameter base the bird is 15" Long and 6 " Tall.

Miniature Canada Goose
The annual fall and spring migration of geese in their famous "V" formation is a true sign of the changing season. 10 7/8" Long by 6" Tall by 5" Wide

Miniature Canvasback
Considered the "King" of the Diving Ducks a "Bull Can" is a trophy in any waterfolwers bag. 8" Long by 4 3/4" Tall by 4 1/4" Wide

Miniature Flying Mourning Dove
The Mourning Dove is known for its mournful "Cooing" call. Found across the United States the Mourning Dove is a favorite both on the wing and at the feeder. Building a fragile nest of twigs Doves raise several broods of chicks every year. This handcrafted rendition is mounted on a 6 3/8" diameter base and is 9 " tall. The Dove is 8" long.

Miniature Loon
A symbol of the North the Common Loon is well known for it's haunting calls and yodeling. 10 7/8" Long by 4 " Tall by 4 1/8" Wide

Miniature Mallard
America's most popular duck. 10" Long by 4 3/8" Tall by 3 3/4" Wide

Miniature Pintail
Often called by the handle "Bull Sprig" after his long tail feathers, the adult male Pintail is a beautiful bird and graceful flyer. 11" Long by 5 1/8" Tall by 4" Wide

Miniature Wild Turkey
Thanks to the conservation efforts of American Sportsmen, the Wild Turkey calls more places home then ever before. Their loud springtime gobbling can now be heard throughout the United States. Known for their exceptional eyesight and wariness, Thomas Jefferson suggested the Wild Turkey as our National Symbol. This detailed rendition is mounted on a 10" diameter base and is 11 " tall. The beard is removable for easy dusting and safe shipping.

Miniature Wood Duck
Our most colorful North American Waterfowl. Often called a "Summer Duck" in many southern states.

Miniature Woodcock
The American Woodcock is often referred to as the "Timberdoodle" because of the erratic flying it demonstrates during it's spring courtship. It is found in wet lowland forest areas. The tiny Woodcock annually migrates by flying at night from its breeding range in the Northern United States and Canada to the wintering grounds on the Southern Gulf Coast. The long bill of the Woodcock is the perfect tool for probing below ground for the tasty angleworms that are its favorite food. It is mounted on a 6 3/8" diameter base and is 5" tall.

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