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Attracting Wildlife to Your Back Yard

A Guide to Increasing Wildlife Diversity and Aesthetic Value Around Your Home


People are moving away from the land. Many people have left farms and ranches for communities where jobs and services are more readily available. While most depend upon the economic environment provided by urban communities to make a living, many choose to live in the country on large lots and small acreages where, in their back yards, they can create their own environment and "do some things to attract wildlife."

A large proportion of citizens interested in wildlife and wildlife habitat development seek advice from the Game and Fish Department. Topics in question range from projects to attract birds and butterflies in town, to habitat development on larger acreages for upland game birds and deer. There are many sources of information available to address these kinds of questions, but they are often not available from the Department in one publication.

Attracting Wildlife to your Back Yard by natural resource biologist Chris Grondahl, contains information about plants and animals useful to those interested in making their surroundings more attractive to wildlife. It is a volume that not only answers commonly-asked questions, but one that provides additional references for readers seeking to learn more about a particular subject.

It will be as useful as your vision and imagination allow it to be.

Harold Umber, editor
North Dakota OUTDOORS
March 4,1999


The author thanks the following individuals and agencies for providing advice, photography and other support.

Steve Dyke					Karen Kreil					Darla Lenze
Ron Royer					ND Forest Service				Marc Brown
Jack Marquart				Carrol Henderson				Craig Bihrle
Dave Angell					Mel Stone					Mike Mckenna
Harold Umber					Dick Kroger					Bill Jensen
Andrea Grondahl				Linda Altenburg 					 				 

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A Word About This Document

This document was originally written for people living in North Dakota.  Most of the information holds true for most of the United States and southern Canada.  Areas that were specific to North Dakota have been removed or adjusted to reflect a more broad view on the subject.  You may still see referenced specifically to North Dakota.



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