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Gold Crest Distrubuting All Weather Feeder

Features & Benefits

  • Overlapping cap prevents rain from getting into seed hopper.
  • Roof vent prevents moisture from accumulating in seed hopper.
  • Gaskets seal out water.
  • Stainless steel hardware used throughout.
  • Large capacity seed hopper means fewer trips outside to refill compared to most other feeders
  • Unbreakable UV-stabilized polcarbonate resin is used for all plastic parts.
  • Staging perch for birds waiting to feed.
  • Covered feeding port prevents seed from getting wet even if rain or snow is blowing horizontally.
  • Large diameter support rod for added strength.
  • Tray can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Perch doubles as a tray to catch spilled seed and provides space for grit, peanuts and other specialty food.

Gold Crest producing All Weather FeederŪ
New! All Weather FeederŪ

"This is the only feeder that can guarantee that seed stays 100% dry and available to the birds." --Mel Toellner

All Weather Feeder photo"This is the only feeder that can guarantee that seed stays 100 percent dry and available to the birds -- no matter if it's used in a blizzard or during day after day of spring or Pacific Northwest rains.

"Because of its unique weatherproof design, we are renaming the Feather FeederŪ the 'All Weather FeederŪ'."

Birds feed from a lower platform (making all birds visible), and reach up into a fully-sheltered slot to feed from the feeder. Consumers do not like the mess of cleaning out ice, snow, and rain from the troughs and seed ports of other feeders. The birds benefit from seed always being available -- which is especially important after ice storms -- and from better sanitation due to no wet, moldy or spoiled seed. Concern is rising about Avian disease being spread around through bird feeding. The combination of no wet seed and ease of cleaning also make the All Weather FeederŪ the most sanitary feeder available on the market. Other important features include ease of filling and high capacity (4-quart and 6-quart models available), both important to the ever-growing number of older Americans -- many of whom enjoy bird feeding.

The All Weather FeederŪ line consists of three products: A 4-quart model #734 retailing for $59.95; a 6-quart model #736 retailing for $69.95; and a Squirrel & Grackle Guard, model #740 retailing for $14.95. The feeders are made from UV-stabilized polycarbonate and are now available in the original clear and a new "clear green" color.

"I believe that the reason the All Weather FeederŪ will be a success is best summarized by Linda Rameriz, owner of Birdfeeders in South Daytona, Florida: 'I love this feeder! It is the only feeder I recommend to homeowners on the many golf courses around us. The All Weather FeederŪ can take direct hits from golf balls (it is durable) and from sprinkler systems day after day and the seed still stays dry!' "

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