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Forever Feeder - Bear & Squirrel Proof Feeders

We have replaced the Forever Feeders with Wing Span brand birdfeeders. These feeders are made of the same Iron and will stand up to abuse by bears as well as squirrels.

Built tough enough to be bear proof !

The Diamond Series line of feeders is are our 'cream of the crop' and are the first line of bear proof bird feeders available on the market. Referred to as the "Hummer SUV of bird feeders" their durability is second to none.  These feeders will take abuse from bears,  raccoons, and squirrels while nourishing both clinging and perch feeding birds.

All Forever Feeders listed on this page come with a lifetime guarantee.

Diamond Fly Through


Diamond Tube


Log Cabin


Nature Series

 Squirrel Proof & Resistant !

Our Nature Series line of feeders are both squirrel and raccoon proof. They work perfectly for sunflower, safflower, or nut mixes. The tubes on each feeder are designed to allow clinging birds to pull seed through the mesh sides. Each tube is attached flush to the tray to save seed. The trays catch fallen seed which also allows perching birds to feed. 







Platform & Seed Saver System

The plateau platform feeder shown below can be used as a ground feeder, can be pole mounted, or can hang independently with the chain accessory kit (sold separately).

The seed saver system is the perfect all in one feeding system. Clinging birds can eat from the feeder at the top and perching or ground feeding birds can clean up the spilled seed caught in the plateau platform feeder. The Seed Saver is available with a screw in ground socket or the H base shown below.

Plateau Platform


Seed Saver System

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