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Estate Feeder - Features

Estate Features Illustration

Solid Cast Brass Finial
Tops off the majestic 8 1/2 foot height.

Standing Seam Copper Roof
Classic octagonal form, hand clad in copper. Every exposed portion of the feeder is protected with copper.

12 Cast Metal Seed Ports
With branch like landing perches for the birds, our exclusive cast zinc ports are plated with copper to match the feeder. The design of the ports and branch-like landing perches encourage even timid ground feeding birds like cardinals to feed because of the added space for landing. The ports lower lip design keeps spilled seed to a minimum and sheds driven rain and snow to keep the seed fresh and healthful.

Built-in Squirrel Baffle
Proven for over ten years in the field, this squirrel guard really works. Experience has proven that squirrels give up trying to climb the Estate after a couple frustrating days.
Heavy Duty Square Steel Stanchion
12 Gauge steel with a lifetime baked on powder finish. The 8-foot long stanchion is one piece, with no connections or joints to rust or deteriorate.
8 1/2 Feet Tall
Birds feel safe and secure at this height- out of harms way.

Lower-To-Fill Seed Barrel
Our most popular feature, a fingers touch is all that is needed to release the brake and lower the barrel down to a easy-to-fill position where you can pour the seed right out of the bag into the four large openings at the top of the seed chambers. With a total capacity of approximately 35 pounds, the Estate can be filled with four different varieties of seed to attract your favorites. The bins are ventilated to keep seed fresh and healthful. The polycarbonate seed panels that hold the ports slide up and out for easy cleaning. Because of this large capacity, the Estate needs to be filled infrequently, typically offering over a weeks worth of dependable seed supply.

Cast Iron Counterweight
Hidden inside the stanchion the counterweight glides up and down to assist in moving the feed barrel from a filling to feeding position. Supported by aircraft quality stainless steel cables lopping over heavy duty pulleys hidden under the roof.

Free Standing Base
No need to dig a hole, and you can move the feeder around until you decide on a permanent spot in your landscape. The heavy- duty cast iron base has been proven over ten years in the field, withstanding all sorts of conditions, winds and weather. Also works great on a deck or patio. (In the case of mounting the feeder on a hillside, the base has to be cast into cement to assure stability)

Main Features

The Estate consists of five major components that weigh a total of 150 lbs. When you receive your Estate it arrives in 5 boxes. All that's required is to mate the main components, stand the feeder and attach the perches. Best done by two strong adults, it takes about a half hour to complete the task.

Standing Seam Copper Roof
Like the roofs on old colonials, the standing seam construction of the Estate roof is designed to last 100 years. Because of its substantial overhang, the Estate does the best job possible of keeping seed fresh and healthful in stormy weather.

Copper Feed Barrel
The heart of the feeder. It contains four galvanized chambers with a 35lb capacity making for infrequent filling. Like the roof, the entire barrel is clad in copper. At the barrels base is the finger operated brake that allows you to lower the feeder, and the built-in squirrel baffle. A polycarbonate skirt protrudes below the copper squirrel baffle for safety.

The Stanchion
At 8 1/2 feet tall, the Estate is the first bird feeder appropriate for the formal garden and great landscapes. This steel stanchion is machined to hold the roof, counterweight, pulleys and the cable system that supports the feeder. It is thermally powder coated in a dark bronze and copper color to compliment the feeder.

Cast Iron Counterweight
Roughly the size of a loaf of bread, the solid cast iron counterweight weighs 35 lbs and as it rises and descends in the stanchion, it supports the feed barrel to make filling the Estate a snap. An Estate exclusive.

Cast Iron Free Standing Base
Every Estate ships with this six-sided freestanding base, so there's no need to dig a hole. We have used this base for over a decade in installations around the country, and it has proved itself. In cases where the feeder is vulnerable to the rigors of public space use, the base can be cast in concrete for security. If you are going to install your feeder on a hillside, the base must be cast in concrete, or an adaptation with a custom ground socket can be used.

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