Components of a Nature Habitat - Dust Beds

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Not everyone will be blessed with all sixteen Habitat Components on their property.

This does not mean that introducing as many as possible will not enhance wildlife. The key is to understand each of the components, what they are, how they assist in nature and what wildlife will be assisted by their availability.

Components of a Nature Habitat

Dust Beds

The Registry of Nature Habitats - Dust Beds

Components of a Nature Habitat 



Structural Habitat Component

Dust Beds

Wildlife uses dust to help rid them of parasites. By providing an area of very dry fine soil with no vegatation will draw many birds to take a dust bath.

Grit is used by birds to aid in digestion.; It helps grind up food. Grit can be a coarse sand. It can be added to bird feeders or you may provide it on a tray by itself.