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Coveside Open Top Bluebird House

Coveside Open Top Bluebird House

This sparrow-resistant house, similar to our standard bluebird house, has a circular opening in the roof. Naturally, bluebirds will nest in rotten fence posts and stumps, so sun and rain do not deter them. On the other hand, sparrows are not as tolerant. A durable, coated wire barrier prevents predators from entering through the top. In addition, a plastic cap is included to provide shelter after the bluebirds have started nesting and/or can be used to feed mealworms to hungry chicks.
RANGE: Breeds east of the Rockies from southeastern Canada to Gulf of Mexico. Winters in southern part of breeding range and Mexico.
HABITAT: Enjoys open woodlands, fields and farmlands with scattered trees.

(12-1/2"h x 6"w x 8-1/2"d)