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Coates Eight Room WatersEdge Suites Purple Martin House

Coates WatersEdge Suites 8 Room Purple Martin House

Features 6" x 12" two-room suites for greater protection from predators and weather. Birds enter the inner nest room through another hole. Nest rooms have elevated subfloors. Louvered air vents and attic insulation provide optimal protection from temperature extremes. Each suite has its own private porch with guard rail. Hinged doors allow easy access and roof perch lets the birds sit on top of their 'mansion.' Houses are available in 4-, 6-, and 8-compartment models. Mount on one of the optional 12' telescoping poles. Made of durable, lightweight aluminum with a reflective roof. Available with starling-resistant crescent entrance holes only.  Assembly required.  Made to fit either the Standard Pole TP-12 or the Heavy Duty Pole HD-12.