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Preface to the HTML Version

I have attempted to present Audubon's work in the simplest format possible. Aside from converting the plates and figures into GIF format and the texts from flat ascii to HTML I have made few changes. In some instances I have added a word or image to the text to hang a reference on, however these are all cosmetic changes.

I have added extensive cross-references. This, of course, is the strength of HTML documents. I have added lists of the Plates, Figures and Bird Calls. One particularly telling addition has been the index to birds which have gone extinct or been added to the Endangered Species List since Audubon's time. I have attempted to be true to Audubon's original work although scanned images can only be a pale ghost of the originals. Remember that the originals are all printed life size.

Despite my best efforts I am sure that something, somewhere has gone wrong. I would appreciate it if anyone finding such a flaw, whether it be a missing page or a stray misspelling, would report it to me.

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