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Texan Turtle-dove

Texan Turtle-dove

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[White-winged Dove.]

[Zenaida asiatica.]


I am indebted for this new species to my companion Mr. J. G. BELL, who received it from Texas; but, unfortunately, no notes connected with the habits of this handsome Dove were forwarded by the person who procured it.

In naming it after my excellent friend Doctor TRUDEAU, of New York, I only pay another very slight tribute to his great attainments as an accomplished ornithologist and student of nature.

TEXAN TURTLE-DOVE, Columba Trudeauii, Aud.

10 1/2.

One specimen, procured in Texas.


Upper part of the head and neck purplish, with rich reflections of golden-green on the hind parts; a black spot on the sides of the throat, and bill black; throat and neck purplish-buff; sides and under wing coverts ash-grey, as well as the lower tail coverts; vent white; shoulders, back and two middle tail feathers, brownish-olive; a large patch of white formed by the first row of small coverts, and several of those adjoining. Primary quills brownish-black edged with white, secondaries much darker and more broadly edged and terminated by white; tail feathers light blue, with a narrow band of black, terminating in a broad white band. Third quill longest, the first and second nearly equal.

Total length about 10 1/2 inches; wing from flexure 6 1/4; bill along the ridge (6 1/2)/8, along the edge 1; tarsus 1; middle toe 1, its claw (2 1/2)/8; hind toe 5/8, its claw 1/4; the tail, which is slightly rounded, measures 4 1/2. The female remains unknown.

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