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New Species.--Not in my Synopsis

New Species.--Not in my Synopsis

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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During my journey to the country around and about the waters of the Upper Missouri and Yellow Stone rivers, in the summer and autumn of 1843, my companions and myself had the good fortune of procuring several new species of birds; and I feel much satisfaction in presenting them to my subscribers, who, I trust, will be gratified to see that my anxiety to please them is not in the least diminished.

In publishing these new species, I have the gratification of naming some of them after those gentlemen who accompanied me on my late tour; and others, after friends connected with the science of ornithology, publicly or otherwise.

With the exception of a few of these birds, procured in the bottom lands along the Missouri river, they all were found on the sterile prairies, which form the greater portion of the country visited by us; and generally during our excursions after the buffalo, the elk, or the antelope.

I shall also give figures of two or three species discovered by others, within the range proposed to be included in my synopsis as appertaining to our Fauna. In the accounts given of these new species, the student will be surprised as much as I have myself been, to see how closely allied most of them are to species long since described, not only by me, but even by ALEXANDER WILSON, NUTTALL, and CHARLES LUCIEN BONAPARTE. I have a series of each species now in my possession, which can be seen by any student of ornithology who may desire to examine them.

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