Genus V.--Uria, Lath. Guillemot

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill generally shorter than the head, stout, compressed, tapering, acute; upper mandible with the dorsal line slightly arched; the ridge narrow, broader at the base, the sides sloping, the edges sharp and inflected, the tip a little decurved, with a slight notch; nasal groove broad, feathered; nostrils at its lower edge, sub-basal, lateral, longitudinal, linear; lower mandible with the angle rather long, narrow, the dorsal line ascending and straight, the back very narrow, the sides nearly flat, the edges sharp and inflected, the tip acute. Head large, oblong; neck short and thick; body stout, elongated, rather depressed. Feet short, placed far behind; the greater part of the tibia concealed, its lower part bare; tarsus short, stout, compressed, anteriorly scutellate; toes three, of moderate length, middle toe longest, outer little shorter, scutellate, connected by entire webs. Claws small, slightly arched, compressed, rather acute. Plumage dense, very soft, blended. Wings rather short, narrow, acute; primary quills curved, tapering, the first and second longest; secondaries short, rounded. Tail very short, rounded, of twelve or more feathers.

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