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Family XXVIII.--Psittacinae. Parrots

Family XXVIII.--Psittacinae. Parrots

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill short, bulging, very strong, deeper than broad, convex above and below; upper mandible cerate at the base, its outline decurved, the sides convex, the edges sharp, with an angular process, the tip trigonal, decurved, elongated, acute; lower mandible with the angle short and wide, the tip thin-edged, rounded, or abrupt. Nostrils basal, round, open, in the cere. Head very large; neck of moderate length; body compact. Feet short and robust; tarsus short, scaly; toes stout, the outer directed backwards, the third and fourth coherent at the base. Claws stout, curved, acute. Plumage generally blended, but firm. Wings and tail various. Tongue short, fleshy, rounded, or emarginate; oesophagus wide, with a large crop; stomach small, muscular; intestine of moderate length; coeca small; cloaca globular.

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