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Genus V.--Mniotilta, Vieill. Creeping-Warbler

Genus V.--Mniotilta, Vieill. Creeping-Warbler

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By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill rather long, straight, very slender, nearly as broad as high at the base, much compressed toward the end; upper mandible with the dorsal line very slightly convex, the edges a little inflected toward the end, the notches obsolete, the tip acute; lower mandible with the dorsal line straight, the sides convex, the edges involute, the tip attenuated. General form slender. Feet of moderate length, very slender; tarsus shorter than the middle toe and claw, much compressed, the upper scutella blended; toes rather long, extremely compressed, the first very long, the second shorter than the third, which is adherent at the base, claws rather long, well arched, extremely compressed, and acute. Plumage very soft and blended. Bristles obsolete. Wings long, with the second and third quills longest and about equal, the first slightly shorter, and exceeding the fourth. Tail of moderate length, nearly even. This genus connects the Sylvicolinae with the Certhianae.

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