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Genus II.--Sylvicola, Swains. Wood-Warbler

Genus II.--Sylvicola, Swains. Wood-Warbler

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill short, straight, rather strong, tapering, scarcely broader than high at the base, compressed toward the end; upper mandible with its dorsal outline declinate and nearly straight, the tip slightly declinate, the edges overlapping, with a slight notch; lower mandible with the angle short and rounded, the dorsal line straight, the sides convex, the edges a little inclinate, the tip narrow. Nostrils basal, oval or oblong, partially concealed by the feathers. Head of ordinary size; neck short; body rather slender. Feet of ordinary length, rather slender; tarsus longer than the middle toe, much compressed, covered anteriorly with seven scutella, very sharp behind; toes of moderate length, slender, free, the outer united as far as the second joint, the hind toe proportionally large; claws moderate, well arched, much compressed, laterally grooved, very acute. Plumage soft and blended. Bristles at the base of the upper mandible feeble. Wings rather long, little curved, pointed; the second quill longest, the first and third slightly shorter. Tail rather long, emarginate.

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