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Genus V.--Pandion, Sav. Osprey.

Genus V.--Pandion, Sav. Osprey.

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Birds of America

By John James Audubon, F. R. SS. L. & E.


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Bill short, as broad as deep at the base, the sides convex, the dorsal outline straight at the base, decurved towards the end; upper mandible with a festoon on the edges at the curvature, the tip trigonal, very acute; lower mandible with the edges slightly arched, the tip obtusely truncate. Nostrils oval, oblique, large, half way between the ridge and the cere. Legs rather long; tarsus very short, remarkably thick, covered all round with hexagonal scales; toes also remarkably thick, the outer versatile larger than the inner, all scutellate only towards the end, and covered beneath with prominent, conical, acuminate scales; claws long, curved, convex beneath, tapering to a fine point. Plumage compact, imbricated; feathers of the head and neck narrow, acuminate; of the tarsus short and very narrow, without the elongated external tufts seen in all the other genera. Tail rather long, a little rounded. Intestine extremely long and slender, its greatest width 2 1/4 twelfths, the smallest 1/2 twelfth.

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